A downloadable game

Xentus was originally planned to be a big game. For our capstone project, we experimented with mechanics that would be cool to have in our dream version of the game someday. However, many of our ideas changed and transformed over the time we spent on this -- more than anything, this was more of a project to discover and experiment with what works and what we believe would be fun and interesting.

All of the assets in the game were made completely from us with the exception of the post processing image effects from Unity Technologies. These included shaders that performed HDR tonemapping, motion blur, anti-aliasing, and screen space ambient occlusion effects to enrich the graphics of the game.

This game prototype mainly comprised of:
• 3D game world
• Combat largely driven by animation
• Voice-acted non-player characters (NPCs)
• NPC- and item-driven quest system


Xentus Demo - Final.zip 81 MB